Understanding decisions - making the result tangible

In AI development, there are application areas in industry where particular importance is attached to the comprehensibility of the decision-making process. For example: regulatory requirements, quality control or PR and marketing departments.

As part of our consulting services, we therefore provide you with a toolbox that we can use to make the decision-making process of your artificial intelligence comprehensible. Complex, relationships learned during iterative training thus become tangible and understandable.

Feature Importance

Find the most important factors in your structured data with NF AI Feature Importance Analysis.

New insights

Understand which features have the biggest impact on AI outcomes to find new connections.

Involve experts

Evaluate your AI with the expert knowledge of your production and convince yourself of the reliability of Artificial Intelligence.

Hotspot analysis

Look through the eye of your Artificial Intelligence and understand how the black box generates its decision.

Create trust

Build trust with your employees and clientele by providing insight into the decision-making system.

Quality control

Identify critical areas of your components and refine your expertise using AI.

Explore Big Data

Use automated processes to evaluate your collected data and learn more about the goodness and nature of your Big Data.

Data collection

Target gaps and clusters in your data sets to correctly represent the diversity of your process.


Confirm your intuitions and hypotheses with collected data. Reject contradictory assumptions.

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