Artificial Intelligence with Sensibility

Artificial intelligence in its entirety is undoubtedly a forward-looking technology. Its use will continue to increase, especially as a result of the digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The industries growing need for effective solutions, for example in automation, data evaluation and predictive maintenance, is constantly increasing and requires innovative and creative ideas.


  • Comprehend decisions
  • Iterative development and adaptation
  • Workshops and lectures


  • Latest technologies
  • Practice oriented development
  • Scalable deployment


  • Optimized for your projects
  • Short development cycles
  • Cloud or on-premise hosting

We ares passionateabout artificial intelligence and want to make this technology accessible to the manufacturing industry. In addition to high quality standards for our software solutions, the acceptance and education around the use of artificial intelligence are also on our agenda. As a future-oriented company, we primarily want to assist local industry in the current and upcoming transitions, such as digitalization and automation, with our capabilities in data analysis and artificial intelligence. 


Our ambition in the development of your artificial intelligence is not limited to efficiency and high quality. It is also out concern to create an understanding of the factors that have an influence on the decision of an AI system.


As part of our development and consulting service, we have developed special software packages. This allows us to offer you the best possible support in understanding the decision-making process.

Not just image recognition

Our software is independent of the data type. Whether image, sound, video or any other signal. We make sure that the decision becomes tangible.

Hand in hand with our experts

Right from the start, development takes place hand in hand with the experts from your company. Valuable knowledge is thus bundled and challenges are solved in a joint effort.

Validation of your data

During development, we always critically examine your training and validation data. Through a high standard of quality, we ensure that the training process for your AI is as short and efficient as possible.

Evaluation of the training results

The development results and training progress are professionally evaluated by our experts together with you. Through an iterative approach, we ensure satisfied implementation with fast iterations.

NF AI offers you many ways to understand your Artificial Intelligence!

Gain insight into Artificial Intelligence now.


Use the power of artificial intelligence for your business right now and set yourself apart from your competition. Start your project today!

Optimization of existing processes

Optimize your existing quality and maintenance processes with the help of artificial intelligence. The latest technologies convince through quality and flexibility in use.

More accuracy and precision

Use the latest findings from machine learning research for your company. Complex challenges, unsolved problems or difficult scenarios are now solvable by algorithms.

Reliable performance

Artificial intelligence is always working for you. Through speed and reliability, you can build on the performance of your neural network.

Image recognition is not the only application of artificial intelligence. 

Discover your AI potential today!

Customized - Development to Deployment

Projects in the context of artificial intelligence benefit particularly from close cooperation and short paths due to their strong adaptability. By using NeuroForge's established development process for data-driven software development, you get adaptive and flexible project management, minimize your development time and optimize product quality.

Data ingestion

Inclusion of new and existing data sets in the development process.

Data Analysis

Automated and domain-specific exploration of the collected data.

Model evaluation

Selection and improvement of Artificial Intelligence suitable for the project.


Data-driven customization of the chosen model to your project and needs.

Quality assurance

Ensure learning progress through testing of desired behaviors.

Evaluation with your experts

Joint review of progress and quality achieved.

Learn more about project planning for Artificial Intelligence with NF Consulting.

Artificial intelligence. Professionally developed for you.

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