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All data in one place.

Structured data ingestion made easy with data warehousing!

Connect, automate your systems to gain valuable insights


Data warehousing, business intelligence, dashboarding. Connect quickly and easily.


NF Compose is the scaling accelerator for your software system. Today and tomorrow.


Modern and standardized interfaces for all your company's needs. 

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NeuroForge Compose on your data

NeuroForge Compose is suitable for many application areas such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence due to its flexibility. NF Compose is at your side for digitalization and Industry 4.0. Rely on data warehousing as easily as never before and benefit both now and in the future! 

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Data integration from third-party systems. Connection to business intelligence tools. Aggregation of data sources for artificial intelligence. Automated data ingestion. Features that are easily available to you with NeuroForge Compose. Find out more about NeuroForge Compose now.

Artificial intelligence and automation

NF Compose was developed by experts in Big Data and Deep Learning. Benefit from the overarching expertise and start creating new value with NF Compose and the AI experts from NeuroForge. With NF Compose, the step to efficient data use is uncomplicated and fast.


News about NF Compose, Data Science, System Design and much more.

Herzlich Willkommen,  wir von NeuroForge freuen uns Ihnen offiziell NeuroForge Compose , […]
Die deutsche Version dieses Artikels finden Sie hier. Even though NeuroForge uses […]

Straightforward Warehousing! Upgrade your data with Compose

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