Predictive Maintenance

Hightech Summit meets Predictive Maintenance

Get to know our demonstrator for Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance in the manufacturing sector. Understand how you can quickly and easily start your first AI project, how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can help you and how you can become part of the high-tech agenda.

Predictive maintenance in retrofit

Sensor and machine data with NF Compose

Recording of process data

To record the Key Performance Indicators of the production process, machine data is used via the available machine interface as well as via additionally attached, non-invasive sensors.

Connection of your production data

The connection of the sensors and the readout of the machine interface is ensured by the machine controllers CTR-700 and CTR-100 of our partner SYS TEC electronic AG. Feeding data into the Data Warehouse, NF Compose also takes place directly on the control system.

Analysis and evaluation

For subsequent evaluation of the collected machine data and illustration of the process, the data is visualized in a dashboard created for this purpose. 

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Quality assurance

with NeuroForge and NF AI

Collection of training data

The demonstrator offers you the opportunity to experience a possible implementation of our user-friendly platform for data acquisition in your quality assurance and an example using the NeuroForge demo objects.

Validation of Artificial Intelligence 

Contact us, if you want to try our pre-trained artificial intelligence live on the NeuroForge demo objects and upload your own photos of the objects for classification by the artificial intelligence.

Get to know artificial intelligence in quality assurance!

Contact us today to get your free set of NeuroForge demo objects and your access to the AI demonstrator.

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