July 25, 2022

Digital revolution in procurement

Even the hot Bavarian summer doesn't bother NeuroForge when it comes to helping companies implement AI and BigData technologies. This time, our CEO Jonas Szalanczi went to Hof to attend the "Digital Revolution in Procurement" conference.

It was a pleasure to be back in person at Einstein1 .We were warmly welcomed by Dr. Nicolas Derra, the event organizer. The conference was full of valuable discussions on the perspectives of modern technologies in procurement, insights that support development teams, and challenges that companies face in the procurement industry.

We have realized the potential of the associated software from Covalyze successfully by combining the presentation part with a practical demonstration on site. This gave event attendees the opportunity not only to hear the latest information from the industry, but also to try out the potential solutions for themselves. This experience will make it easier for customers to adopt new solutions into their business, as we are already planning to push the integration and support challenges even further to ease the adoption process.

The conference ended on the beautiful roof terrace of Einstein1 with a picturesque view of Hof, where all participants shared their final thoughts and experiences. 

You missed the event? That does not matter.

If you want to learn more about how AI and BigData or Covalyze can support your purchasing department, visit our resources:

Covalyze oder NeuroForge

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