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Smart resource planning

With the help of artificial intelligence by NeuroForge, you rely on the best strategy for resource planning.


Efficient resource planning

Efficient planning of shifts, resources and machine assignment.
Save time and money

Error prevention

By automating the planning, there are few errors. AI works out the best possible result for you and your use case

Time saving

Planning is highly optimized automatically within a few minutes

Your AI valuable prototype

Discover our packages for your AI opportunities

Smart resource planning

Intelligent resource planning is a general term that mainly refers to the optimization of automated planning tables. Existing data can be used to create efficient planning. 
General material usage as well as machine loading and employee utilization can be done via efficient shift planning.
The advantages of intelligent resource planning are extraordinary. Both the error rate is reduced many times over and the time saved during planning is enormous.
The shift schedules can be clearly displayed and thus enable every employee etc. to follow the scheduling.

The potential
of AI together

together with a highly qualified development team
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