September 8, 2022

Seeing AI as an opportunity

Understanding AI as an opportunity - this was the motto of the workshop on September 20, 2022 organized by Zukunftszentrum Süd in cooperation with Neue Materialen Bayreuth GmbH and Wirtschaftsförderungen von Stadt und Landkreis Bayreuth..

During the workshop, Jonas Szalanczi and Thomas Lachner gave a presentation about the experiences of the last years at NeuroForge. The focus was on the integration of experts for artificial intelligence in companies. With the help of experts, achievable goals can be guaranteed, employees can be inspired for digital transformation projects, and corporate successes can be realized more easily. The involvement of experts makes it easier to transform the company to Industry 4.0.

NeuroForge presented its new "AI on the Edge" demonstrator. This is how AI becomes tangible!
This is equipped with live camera AI and a replicated industrial storefront of a conveyor belt, enabling tracking and tracing of objects. A special feature of this demonstrator is the use of AI directly on the device and not in a cloud. This means that data is processed directly on-site and not passed on to an external data center. The application can be used for any objects. To demonstrate the potential in a particularly simple way and to make it understandable for everyone, fruits are used instead of production objects.

Of course, the AI application is not specific to fruits as such, but can be tailored to individual requirements by our experts.

We would like to thank Florian Ziegler from Zukunftszentrum Süd and Prof. Dr. Holger Ruckdäschel from NMBH Bayreuth for the successful workshop and especially for the invitation.

To learn more about the use of image recognition via AI and Deep Learning feel free to visit our Website Informationsseite zu Bilderkennung.

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