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Welcome to our artificial intelligence packages! Here you will find a variety of powerful tools and ready-made models that can make your everyday life easier with the help of artificial intelligence. With our user-friendly packages, you can quickly and efficiently integrate AI into your projects and thus save time and resources.
Your entry point for your AI project
Perfect for feasibility validation
3. AI-VP
Your goal-oriented implementation
Fully customized to your requirements
Data based

The fast data-based entry into your AI

Our Ready Check is a comprehensive assessment of your data situation to ensure that your business is ready for AI implementation. We examine your data infrastructure, project goals and constraints, and recommend the best AI solution for your requirements. Our team of experts identifies potential challenges and provides actionable steps to overcome them. Based on the analysis, an individual project plan is created to ensure successful AI implementation for your business.
Building up

Your first artificial intelligence

Our prototype includes all the steps of the Ready Check. The data analysis from the Ready Check forms the basis for the development of an AI prototype. Our aim is to create a working prototype that can be used to test and validate the proposed AI solution before full implementation.

This ensures full control of the data, direct use of the company's data and no licensing costs. This service allows you to test the AI prototype with your real data and ensure it meets your specific requirements and objectives before full implementation.

Built for the first real use case

Our intelligent, value-added product is a system-integrated solution that is ready to use. It is tailored to your specific system and can start adding value immediately. It includes documented extension concepts that can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Our AI VP is a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of your business, from data analysis to implementation, to ensure it aligns with your goals. This integrated solution is designed to give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed in today's market.

Carefree and complete AI experience

Our Enterprise package is a comprehensive solution for companies that want to fully integrate AI into their operations. The package includes Neuroforge's operation and development of a state-of-the-art AI solution that is securely in production and supported and maintained via MLOps. It provides long-term support and a development partnership for enterprise-ready AI software.

With this package, you can be confident that your AI solution will be developed and maintained by experts and will be able to scale and evolve as your business grows. The package is designed to help you achieve maximum performance and efficiency with the support and guidance of our expert team.

We are by your side from the start

AI Strategy Development

Together with our experts, we develop a custom AI strategy that fits perfectly with your current business model and makes you ready for the digital future.
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Innovations Kickstarter Workshop

Take advantage of the opportunity to discover new technical possibilities and identify potential solutions with our AI workshop, instead of just recognizing problems.
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Unlock the potential of your data

Discover how we can help you optimise your business processes through the use of the latest technology and gain a competitive advantage in the digital age. Arrange a free consultation now and get to know us and our services better.
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