Cooperations & Partnerships

Strong and valuable cooperations and partnerships have been part of our company philosophy from the very beginning
Digital purchasing rethought
With COVALYZE you get finite insights into your purchasing and procurement process. Covalyze is the digital platform for your purchasing. COVALYZE combines several price management modules that allow users to answer the most important questions in their daily procurement work.
Dabei stehen den Kunden alle Informationen stest zur Verfügung und Beschaffungsvorgänge werden effizient gestaltet.Die Wiederverwendung von Komoponenten und Diensleistungen spart Geld und beschleunigt Prozesse ähnlicher Art.


Upper Franconia Innovation Summit

In addition to participating in UFIS, NeuroForge is also a sponsor of this digital event. 
The UPPER FRANCONIA INNOVATION SUMMIT networks the Upper Franconian innovation scene and makes the innovative power of the region visible.
Open Source



Best-Pratice to run your own open source password manager


Ansible Playbook(s) for creating/managing a cluster of PostgreSQL nodes.
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