Artificial Intelligence


Responsible data-driven AI development is part of the service package of NeuroForge's AI experts

Data-driven AI training is a complex process

Actionable AI training for use in production use and outside of initial test studies requires experts.
Mask R-CNN

Deep Learning Modell



44 Millionen

Trainable parameters


Training pictures

Google PaLM

Speech recognition model

6144 TPUs

KI Trainingschips

540 Milliarden

Trainable parameters

780 Miliarden


Deshalb machen wir Entscheidungen Künstliche Intelligenz greifbar und verständlich

An end to AI black box projects

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips, especially due to neural networks and their impressive results. However, the mathematical concepts behind it cause reservations about AI due to their complexity. That's why NeuroForge experts consult every AI project with the NeuroForge traceability environment as part of the collaboration and make the decisions of your AI visible.

Building understanding

Our experts look at each AI model for you during development, training, and also during live operations. By extracting human concepts from the models as well as metrics across the entire AI process, every decision becomes immediately understandable

The potential
of AI together

together with a highly qualified development team
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