November 2, 2022

NeuroForge part of AI Bundesverband e.V.

The KI Bundesverband e. V. is Germany's largest AI network with more than 400 AI companies. The association aims to connect the most innovative AI and deep-tech companies with established business and politics.

Artificial intelligence is one of the decisive technologies of the future. Members of the KI Bundesverband advocate the application of the technology under European and democratic values in order to achieve digital sovereignty in Europe. The Federal Republic of Germany and Europe should become an attractive location for AI companies, where risk-taking is accepted and innovative spirit is encouraged.

The KI Bundesverband e.V. advocates for AI companies by representing interests vis-à-vis politics, business and the media. An active, successful and sustainable AI ecosystem is the goal of the association.

Through the network, the KI Bundesverband e.V. enables the exchange with other AI companies and thus increases the innovative power in Germany! Openness towards AI innovations in European companies must be promoted.

NeuroForge is pleased to become a member of the KI Bundesverband e. V. and is looking forward to the exchange with many other AI companies!

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