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AIT 2022 Sommerschool - Franko National University of Lviv
Vom 27. Juni bis 8. Juli 2022 fand eine traditionelle Online-Schule zum Thema Technologien der künstlichen Intelligenz statt. NeuroForge war bereits zum zweiten Mal Partner der Artificial Intelligence Technologies Summer School 2022 an der Franko National University of Lviv. Das Ziel der diesjähri...
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Digital revolution in procurement
Even the hot Bavarian summer doesn't bother NeuroForge when it comes to helping companies implement AI and BigData technologies. This time it was off to Hof for our CEO Jonas Szalanczi to attend the "Digital Revolution in Procurement" conference. It ...
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Teamevent Wiesenttal
This year's NeuroForge team event took place in Wiesentthal. As a change from work, the team went canoeing on the Wiesent. With three canoes for two people each, the team embarked on a five-hour day trip through a beautiful nature reserve. Despite the bad weather, the NeuroForge employees proved to be naturals of canoeing. After a short time, the first capsizing maneuver was practiced and successfully passed. Even higher waves that sloshed into the boat due to strong currents did not stop the team from continuing. After the day trip with only two short breaks the team strengthened itself in the evening together in the brewery and could successfully end the trip.
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Last week the #FTWorx conference by Global Business Research was held in Berlin and our CEO Jonas Szalanci was one of the guests! Both two days of the conference were full of interesting talks about how global players manage their digital transformations, where they are right now and how they solve the challenges on their way to industry 4.0 We are happy to state that there was a common understanding that you need highly qualified experts (internal or external) if you want to build your own AI solutions due to the complexity behind data driven projects or you should rely on a digital solution that shine in that specific category, so you can focus on your core business. The industry is evolving at the speed of light. In addition, we had the chance to present our use case for AI on 5G together with Alon Arnon from ASOCS and Steffen Weichselbaum from Seven Principles and showcased our live AI demo to everyone in person. Most participants see AI-Solution and the processes behind as an adapter to their existing BigData-Stores There was also a separate discussion about KPI`s for AI digital solutions. In total, participants agreed that it is especially important to adapt them in the context of the agile iterative development cycle and to steadily increase them from a further framework, MvP stage, to production use. Moreover, together with Max Böhm from COVALYZE we presented our sucessstory " How artificial intelligence and BigData can take your procurement department to the next level " which included: How you can improve your purchasing process and negotiations with digital data How AI helps you to gain critical insights into the strength and weaknesses of your suppliers Learn how critical insights from your procurement can enable your engineering team Enable ai-powered negotiations with never-seen insights for your procurement department We want to thank everyone involved in the #FTWorx conference and express our great anticipation of #FTWorx in 2023!
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Fourth network meeting: Elaboration of the proof of concept
For the fourth time in a row, the AI Hub network meeting took place again this year in March. Here, companies and interested parties met on and initially exchanged ideas about AI in start-ups. This was followed by two presentations on the topic of Proof of Concepts (PoC for short). Jonas Szalanczi...
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#UFIS22 - Upper Franconian Innovation Summit
Upper Franconia innovatively networked. Digital trade fair event on the topic of innovation goes into the 2nd round. This year, NeuroForge also participated in #UFIS22 both as a participant and as a sponsor. At the Upper Franconia Innovation Summit, the innovation scene of Upper Franconia meets for a ...
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AI Internship at NeuroForge
In February, we were able to recruit a student for a one-week internship. Timor is 14 years old and currently attends the 9th grade of the Markgräfin-Wilhemine-Gymnasium in Bayreuth, for his internship he decided to do an internship in the field of artificial intelligence and programming.
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Digital Shopfloor Management presented at Bayreuth Innovativ
The digitization of production is a central topic of Industry 4.0. Machines e.g. within manufacturing or processes in logistics, the cornerstones of fast and efficient manufacturing, are nowadays already digitally controlled to a large extent. Unused potential! Many companies ...
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NeuroForge @ Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Artificial Intelligence Technologies Summer School
Within the framework of the Artificial Intelligence Technologies Summer School of the Ivan Franko National University Lviv, NeuroForge, represented by Jonas Szalanczi, Martin Braun and Nicolas Hilberg, gave a lecture on current topics in the field of artificial intelligence and company formation. With the topic...
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Review - Knowledge creates business: Artificial intelligence - learning by doing
At the joint online congress "Wissen schafft Wirtschaft" (Knowledge creates business) of the vbw, Bayreuth University and Hof University of Applied Sciences on June 09, 2021, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business and society was presented. We discussed whether the marketing...
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