March 23, 2022

AI Internship at NeuroForge

In February, we were able to recruit a student for a one-week internship. Timor is 14 years old and currently attends the 9th grade of the Markgräfin-Wilhemine-Gymnasium in Bayreuth, for his internship he decided to do an internship in the field of artificial intelligence and programming. 

At the beginning of the internship, we worked him into our virtual work platform and introduced him to the team he would be working with for the next week.

For the week, we gave Timor the task of programming Conway's Game of Life in the Python programming language and building it as a web application over the course of the week.

On Tuesdays, Thomas Lachner, one of our employees, worked Timor into our office. There, the two worked on an AI demonstrator and Timor learned about the different uses of AI. They did different data analysis and tried to fix emerging bugs. The day was duly concluded with a pizza dinner and a sweater from NeuroForge.


"I hope I was able to teach the very enthusiastic Timor a little bit about how AI works mathematically, in addition to troubleshooting. Conversely, I also learned new things from Timor from his project and had a lot of fun." - Thomas Lachner

By the middle of the week, Timor had already finished programming the game. So we worked him into a software development concept called Github at NeuroForge. This is an "open source" application where different programs are uploaded and can be accessed by all users in the world.

He published his game as a web application and performed the first small data analyses. On Fridays he presented his results to the whole team - no secret, Timor will strengthen our team in the future!

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