May 5, 2022

Fourth network meeting: Elaboration of the proof of concept

For the fourth time in a row, the AI Hub network meeting took place again this year in March. Here, companies and interested parties met on and initially exchanged ideas about AI in start-ups. This was followed by two presentations on the topic of Proof of Concepts (PoC for short). Jonas Szalanczi, CEO of NeuroForge, reported on the PoC phases in the individual projects. These include image/fault/anomaly recognition, where the focus is on describing products in terms of their uniqueness, thus enabling the counting of products. In the area of image recognition, this gives the possibility of smoke/fire detection.

Afterwards, Lisa Zeller and Sven Rausch from EnerIQ gave a brief insight into time series analyses in relation to the consumption prediction of heating systems. Here, the transmission of sensor data from the heating system enables rapid adjustment of settings that reduce the consumption of CO2.

We thank you for the invitation and look forward to valuable contact and follow-up discussions.

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